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PCA offers full-service agronomy options. We have onsite agronomists and knowledgeable staff who are eager to provide support at every stage.

Our operations offer custom application of chemicals and fertilizers as well as on­-farm delivery. We also provide grid soil sampling and variable rate recommendations for specific crop requirements and soil fertility. We handle scientifically-backed and registered nitrogen stabilizers compatible for use with NH3, UAN and dry product. 

Seed Treatment & Delivery

Taking into consideration soil type, soil structure, moisture levels, crop rotation, fertility and many other things, we selectively choose seed varieties that will best compliment your operation. We strive to offer the best variety to ensure your best economic return on investment.

Crop Scouting

Our custom scouting packages dedicated to your operation’s needs, delivers weed management strategies, insect & disease control tactics, current cropping system’s development, and expected yield outcome data through our innovative scouting program technologies.

grid & zone soil sampling

Grid or zone soil sampling method allows for maximum efficiency from a site-specific standpoint. By taking soil samples through grid or zone practices, we can tailor to your soil’s health through our cutting-edge technology, variable rate application and ultimately, potential yield data.

Fertilizer application

We have the capability to custom apply fertilizer at a variable rate tailored to your specific crop needs and soil fertility on a field-by-field basis. We apply essential macro elements like N, P, & K, in addition to micro elements like boron, sulfur, and other special fertilizer blends to the recommended rate.

Stocked & Bulk Chemical 

We carry all of the chemical you will need for agricultural, residential or commercial use; available in-store and application form. With our generic and branded chemical, we are ready to help you face the challenges and accomplish your agronomic goals.  

Dekalb Corn

Dekalb Corn

Asgrow Soybeans

Asgrow soybeans

Agrimaxx Wheat

Agrimaxx wheat

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