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Cenex Fuels


We understand the need for high-quality fuel and lubricants. With our delivery services, fuel tank monitoring and experienced staff, PCA is dedicated to keeping your operation up and running smoothly. We offer quality products from CENEX, which is a proven performance brand. 

We also have everything needed to fulfill your propane needs. From tanks, delivery and installation to maintaining and electronically monitoring your propane supply, PCA is a worry-free partner. 


propane, Oil & Lubricants

  • Bulk Propane Delivery

  • Bulk & Packaged Oil Delivery/Install

  • Bulk & Packaged Lubricant Delivery/Install


Cenex brand fuels

  • Gasoline Delivery

  • Generic Road Diesel Delivery

  • Ruby Red Diesel Delivery

  • Electronic Tank Monitors

Screenshot 2023-12-05 084608-min.png

Farm Store Fueling Station

  • Leaded & Unleaded Gasoline

  • Road & Red-Dyed Diesel

  • Propane Bottle Refill

  • Kerosene

Cenex Lubricant equipment program

PCA offers a lubricant equipment program to help upgrade your operation, and to provide bulk lubricant deliveries directly to your farm or shop. Featuring quality lubricants from Cenex to suit all of your farm, trucking, construction, and industrial needs. 

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